Lit Blue

The people we stayed with in Birmingham were inordinately friendly, as was everyone else in Birmingham. Space One Eleven put out a lawn on the street and we made tacos/DJ’ed. We prepared the gallery owner and her husband meals and they bought us beer/housed us. The gallery assistant took us to a punk show.

We all sat in a tree house, talking about “the Art World” (Crocket was there).

I liked the sound of frying sizzle with the sound of the rain.



Everyone at the opening asked where we got the blue corn tortillas and we explained that we are New Mexican and can find blue corn tortillas wherever we go.

“Sandrayouhavetotrythis.” Which dish – the chips?

We had all these leftovers and were frying some of those tortillas in coconut oil. After being overstimulated and preparing food for gallery attendees/going to rainy Tuesday punk show we were all suddenly starving.

We listened to The Stone Roses and Ros Sereysothea in the car in the rain. Chris said there was something about Sereysothea that was undeniable. It reminded me of being a teen, with my friends, driving in the rain, listening to music.

In Atlanta we crashed an opening at Beep Beep gallery. It was lit with blacklight and the quinine in the drinks glowed. We made our host tacos and he made us drinks.


Sandra has been taking a picture the cats at every place we stay at and thanking them for their hospitality. This cat, Marsha, peed on my bag after cuddling with me all night.

We were eating at a not-very-good vegetarian restaurant in Athens when the UGA coordinator asked us if we had had any drama on tour. The next day the truck broke down and she told us that her friends had been staying in Athens for the past two years for the same reason. After troubleshooting and looking for diesel mechanics all day we decided to get ice cream.

A nice guy with a diesel truck came to take a look and we were able to start the car before sunset. It was a calm and logical day. If there were a reality tv show about us it would be very boring. Also, pecan toffee almond dream works well with crispy rice crackers. When we start our ice cream sandwich empire we’re going to make crispy waffle cookies.

So we drove to some in between town in North Carolina through night and through spots of rain. As Sandra and Crocket used their Best Western points to get a room Chris and I drank Heineken in the parking lot. We set up a kitchen on the hotel desk and I made tortilla soup with salad. Each of us bathed for the first time in some days so that we could sleep on white sheets.

John and I were at a meeting/party which we left to exist in a large blue-lit pool. I ran into Sadie, Freyr, and Xandra. Seeing people in pool dreams is a good indication that I am myself.

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