Typical Scene

Thursday 5/8/14

When I got home the lower half of the house had fallen off and water was pouring out from the bottom. I was worried about mom.

Mom was in the leaking house, giving birth, her blood mixing with the water. “I’m giving birth and I’m dying.”

After I got home from work I made salad and changed my shirt. Noah said: “whoa.” I came out of my room and he told me that he’d seen mom come home and go into the living room. He followed her, then realized she wasn’t there. He said the footsteps he heard were probably me. I told him about this morning’s dream.

Noah repeated: “I’m just gonna keep describing this quesadilla I’m making until M comes up from The Bass” Mom came home. “Hi mom I just saw your ghost.”

When I came up from The Bass they told me what happened and I guffawed and danced around. “You’re easily amused” said mom.

I spent the rest of the evening gluing pieces of hail together as mom made Moroccan stew. When I came inside she was on the couch drinking wine and the kitty was on the table drinking water. “This is such a typical scene” I thought. I took a blurry picture.


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