Rain on the Skylight

Saturday 4/26/14

* Feathericci album release. A lot of people dressed like rabbits and deer. Forest shadow decorations. The techno was wanna-be Pantha du Prince realness. Yeah, the only genre I really like is #boringtechno.

* I finished my $8 lemonade (expecting the usual $6 margarita, but for bigger crowds they raise the prices and lower the alcohol content).

* Niomi and I left as our friends arrived.

* I gave Eugene, my new homeless friend, a ride all over town for a little under an hour. He was looking for people to help him out with a place to stay. Every time he would exit the car he would say: “Don’t leave me!” Eventually we found him a place, he relaxed and we talked about music.

* Arrived at the after party and plopped myself into conversation.
* After some hours of floating and chatting, dancing, and fooling myself into thinking I would leave soon, the sun came up.


Sunday 4/27/14


* Benji and I galloped away from the party into the sunrise. I drove Benji home and John drove Emily home. It was a good joke. Everyone high-fived goodbye.
* John asked if I wanted to come over and listen to music. I said I didn’t know if I wanted to go to sleep or to go jogging.
* Nice to sit there, sleep deprived, talking about all the nice stuff people get to talk about. The music was good. The sound of the heater coming on was well-placed with songs.
* Outside we stood on logs. One of the logs had a dime on it. It had been there for a while. John had thrown the dime or something and it landed on the log. Two dogs came by and I mentioned a series of dreams I had that featured two dogs. John’s eyes were clear and blue behind his nice glasses and the air was moist.
* At around 10 am John and I laid on the floor and slumber-party-slur-talked about art. Rain pattered on the skylight.
* As I dozed my seratonin gut was neon pink – the feeling that was hidden inside the solid white-water bubble. Our bodies were magnified electricity.
* Woke up at 12:30, went to my car to get my toothbrush, brushed my teeth, and drove in the well-lit hail.
* Instead of leaving John a birthday card or a fruit basket I sent him a text.
* “What a beautiful day” I said to Bill as I walked in the door. “I made vegan apple crumble” said Bill. “What a beautiful day.”
* When I got home everyone in the house played Hide and Go Seek.

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