Thursday 5/1/14

* Outdoor Vision Fest. At work people kept saying, “You going to OVF?”

* I did go. It was loud and there were a lot of people. The pieces seemed to mostly be based on how big and loud they were, and were largely comprised of dated cultural references – a giant foam boom-box with neon graphics projection-mapped onto it, or a music video with a wolf-mask clad person playing guitar projected onto the side of a building. If it wasn’t imagery like this it was the type of abstract color and form you might see in an advertisement attempting to capitalize on youth culture, or something that highlighted female form.

* Nick and I stood around a piece (that highlighted female form) in the back which had the best music, which had been composed by Angelo rather than lifted from indie-rave circa 2010. Nick mentioned how someone looked like Hoku as they passed by. I said I had seen Hoku at this event last year . “You never know when your friends are going to die.” Nic gave me a little piece of copper.

* Nic, Angelo, and I went to Nic’s office to drink beer in the dark. That was my favorite piece. Blue light flashed through the sqaure window.

* Angelo and I had a conversation that was like “art is stupid, why make art?” Then giggled. Nic talked with his boss, we weren’t particularly supposed to be there. We hid our beers and whispered: “I hope the teacher doesn’t find us!”

* After we were freed I found Ron and Juro. We drank moonshine by the wall. Ron and I caught up on post-college happenings. We spent the rest of the night sitting in a dorm, laughing, and talking about gender.

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