The Best Blood Orange

4.9.14 Wednesday

* Email from DMaX developer.
* Still couldn’t get DMaX working.
* Spent the rest of the morning on music.
* Rode bike to Post Office/Office Depot (for a paint pen)/ Sprouts (for two big beers) and to work, which was mostly listening to music and eating snacks.

* Google Maps Street View car followed me for a few blocks near Acquia Madre and Paseo de Peralta.
* The exercise at the work meeting was to listen to songs that we like or are meaningful, and then say our name and what we liked about the song. I chose We Share Our Mother’s health by The Knife and discussed the pleasing bounce and stretch of the texture, and the lyrics about colonization, and my perceived Mapplethorpe references in the music video.
* The funniest was Tim saying that the Cyndi Lauper song he chose wasn’t his favorite song, and wasn’t even his favorite Cyndi Lauper song, but that it would do. Then we all practiced Visual Thinking Strategies.
* A facilitator workshop guy was observing Joanne facilitating us facilitating.
* Rode bike home, tried on new blazer, drank a beer, texted John and worked on gender set.
* Ate a burrito.

* Drove Noah and River to Backroad and gave them the last $5 from my last DJ set at Molly’s that David L. gave me.
* Hung out with John by the trampoline and talked about how cute our staff meeting was, art, and how bad our theses were. I think I should submit to this website about it.
* Picked Noah and River up and saw Reed and Dad.
* Tatsuya Nakatani at high Mayhem. The opening band were hilarious. It was the type of experimental music that is the genre experimental rather than the process. The two spun “Wind Wands” and occasionally rang bells, all while looking at each other with the cutest smiles. One guy had a psuedo-mullet and I think we were in piano class together at community college, if I’m correct he’s the one who’s mbira I tuned. The other guy sort of looked like this guy:
when he lifted the “Wind Wand” over his head his pot belly poked through. Noah texted me: “These dads are having so much fun with their science toy magic” and I replied “Oh no, I shouldn’t be driving this car.” We both worked hard stifle our laughter for the rest of their set.
* As John and I sat outside we were joined by two friendly bros, one of whom had a puma shirt and one of whom had a fake John Deere logo with a donkey silhouette that said “Juan Deer.” They asked us our names and later apologized for forgetting them a few minutes later. I said “it’s okay we’re dreaming.” Puma said “Oh, are we gonna go deep? We are always having deep conversations about how life is really a dream.” I said “I take it back, we are awake.” Juan Deere asked what we were about and I stood up, waving my arms and said “I’m M Wingren and I’m great!” Then I asked them if they caught the reference to one of my own dreams.
* Tatsuya Nakatani was excellent. Actual experimental music. Noah had gone up to him to get a picture and said he really liked his music. Nakatani said “why?”
* After the show, room and room inhabitants transformed by the music, I bought a CD and gave Tatsuya Nakatani the best blood orange.
* Went into John’s house for a tiny taste of the vodka I left there (John apologized for not getting captain crunch for Noah) and to make great jokes.
* Drove River to get stuff from her house.
* Ate snacks and went to bed.
* There was a great percussive sound outside and Noah came excitedly into my room and asked if I heard it. He thought it might be Cole with a coconut, and I thought it might be Sean with a bucket. We went outside in robes with a baseball bat and didn’t find any great drummers.

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