Let’s Tear Our Bodies Apart!

4.11.14 Friday

* At work, a lot of pain, vision blurring, nearly passing out.
* Took 4 extra strength ibuprofin after 2 didn’t work. There was a meeting in the conference room during my break so I napped under the fax machine. It was funny.
* Then I was very high from the painkillers. I said so as we ate salad and everyone felt awkward but me – due to the pain killers.
* Selling art for SITE Unseen.
* Met Benji’s mom at Armory show.
* Saw Iris at Armory show.

* Also saw all my other friends who are the best art themselves, but also make it.

* Went home, talked to mom, ate fried rice that she made.

* Mom once took many painkillers while working at a yogurt shop and said “Wouldem youem likem somem topingem?” While listening to “falling in Love Again” by Marlene Dietrich.
* It was Wendy’s birthday so mom had bought monk-beer to share with Aaron for a toast. (Wendy was my mom’s friend who committed suicide, and Aaron is her widower).
* Took one of the monk-beer’s to Matt and Caity’s.
* Matt made bananas foster.
* Benji fed me RUM.
* I became amply flushed and talked about how weird pain and humanity are.
* Emily, Benji and I chatted in the parking lot. I felt like things were different. I felt spacious – cracked open. I said: “Let’s tear our fucking bodies apart, let’s tear our fucking lives apart, let’s have some fun!”

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