It is spring and I’m wearing my Montague (Da boys!) on-sale French Connection floral-shirt, cuz I’m a summer-douche and I’m about to go GALA BANGING!

In early college my group of friends would go “Gallavanting” (take one shot of gin, feel tipsy, and walk around campus). Will’s phone autocorrected this to “Gala Banging” which means this is what we do as post-grads.

On Mondays we watch Drag Race in drag eat vegetable chips. The last Saturday of the month Meow Wolf throws dance parties at Molly’s. There are sometimes shows at the Radical Abacus and High Mayhem.

I saw Ty Seagul at High Mayhem and enjoyed an after-party at the ratty-abby, where I talked to Ty Seagul about factory farming, and someone brought in a keg that had been in the yard for > 1 year. When there are not shows at the Ratty Abby we play dice and listen to “Killed by Death Rock Volume 1” while a sci-fi movie from the 70’s are projected overhead, and furniture is burned in the yard.

I was GALA BANGING at Molly’s Kitchen and Lounge, and feeling a solid sense of community as the mayor hugged my friends, and I danced with my friends to my friends. Sean Di Anni and I danced evil. Benji  and I helped load speakers into  P.F.F.T’s car, but we couldn’t find his car so we walked around the parking lot with subwoofers for a while.

Benji and I had a contract to go to the after party and wiggle a little, but I broke that and went to sleep, even though I didn’t have work in the morning.

I had stress dreams about art installation-house-sit-malls.

Potatoes and chile for breakfast with mom!

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