Cherry Pie, Sushi, Sushi, Tour

4.13.14 Sunday

* Covered for Jessica at SITE. Cherry pie.
* Biked home in slight rain and some wind, singing.
* Rode to Keiko’s with mom, listening to Cryin’ Cole and the Miserable Cowboys.
* Grandpa Obie played songs in garage.
* Sushi, beer, more beer (dad was there) sake.
* Text message inviting me to another sushi party.
* Got plum wine, brought Noah stuff.
* Hung out with Crocket, Sandra, Emily, Benji, Matt and Caity, made sushi, drank plum wine, drank sake, Chris Brodsky came, drank sake.
* Crocket and Sandra invited me on tour. I said “okay.”
* Wrote bio for SITE show for both Benji and I. “Your art is about corporate girl power right Benji?”

* Watched Game of Thrones with everyone. Game of Thrones is a TV show about 1980’s Europe, but some parts take place in LA where there are decadent parties sponsored by Cheetos. There was a lot of cleavage.
* Watched old TV guide menus on youtube, and Champagne taste.

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