Tuesday in February

2.25.14 Tuesday

* Woke up excited.
* ½ my leftover Green curry for breakfast.
* Camera tips.
* Made burrito for Noah and baby-choco-maca coffee for Noah and I.
* Drove to Sandia to shoot in ditch.
* Got spray paint at Super Wal Mart, and weird Jesus candle for Noah.
* Ran into Craig and Skittels (our cousins) at Trader Joe’s. Noah noticed that Ella was recapitulating TV girl-sass and said he would probably have to avoid her for the next six years.
* Youth development mtg. Good programs. Soft ham sandwiches and 7Up with chips and wax apples. Blue plastic table cloths. Power Point presentation.
* Wine, tacos, salad.
* Niomi’s to hang out and work on projects.
* Aminadab.

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