Birthday Set, Birthday Set, it’s the Best Set of the Year

For my birthday I had a 3-day rave with 50 of my closest friends ;) It was a Twin Peaks-style  sulfur-lodge.

All the rooms had animal themes. When Benji, Emily and I arrived there were 2 left – Benjily took the “Elk Lodge” and I claimed a bunk in the “Horse Corral.”

On the morning of my birthday a group of us went on a hike and spotted a wildly dancing figure by the lake. Later we found out it was Bernardo.


Bernardo hovered over my shoulder as I practiced my set and from what he gleaned decided to switch from Traktor to Ableton.



Dave and I both did sets about gender. His was super danceable and Miami Bass heavy. Mine was like a gender studies class as led by a chopped up and pitch-shifted Rihanna. By the time I dropped the Merzbow Benji was the only one really dancing, and he was writhing around on the floor.

What is transgender? Am I transgender? What is transgender? Am I transgender?


Sitting in the (filthy) rave-tub overlooking mountains, I complimented Corvas’s ironic yet spiritual plastic jewel necklace. Vince developed a character we started referring to as “party friend” who has the personality of a wacky-waving-arms-inflatable-tube-man. As he was lounging Amelia called down from the balcony: “You have long arms Vince.” He replied “COOL!” I laughed so hard my sternum broke open and I became mountains.

Bernardo came out donned in a golden cloth with a sippy-cup full of ginger-infused water. He demanded compliments for his outfit and ensured we were hydrated, then he went to the lake to dance in solitary.


I laid on the floor with my friends for a few hours, feeling appreciative, bathed in laughter, as Vince cleaned the kitchen so that the drug-dealer-guy could made pancakes in the morning.

Alex and I made vegan pizza for breakfast post-pancakes and I shared maca root and fresh pineapple juice with hungover acquaintances.


More time was spent dancing than sleeping, with Benji “Gibbon Limbs” Geary and I in our traditional role as dance catalysts/hype-people. I danced so much that parts of my body that don’t exist are sore.



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