Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ice Cream


* The cute purr of Kristen’s car alerted me to her presence and we drove closer to GVG Contemporary.

* It was a somber opening. It was nice to see David’s work and also dissapointing to think about how much more polished it could have been. There was a shrine with David’s Due Return jumpsuit in the center, framed by his tools, flowers, and root beer/cream soda. This may have been the most emotionally charged part, the absence of the body combined with the space for us to project our feelings for David.

* “We could even walk there” Crocket said until it became a chant, before we all walked to Tanti Lucce.

* Kristen, Alex and I went into hysterical laughter after sending this text message to Vince: “Beney: Hey babey. Weres the gum that u had? I can’t find it?”

* We Also texted many empty folders to other people around the table.

* Crocket, Kristen, Alex and I went to the matador and were dance catalysts.

* At Winter’s going away party Ryan he mentioned his love of ice cream and I told him about the dream I had where he showed me his room and gave me a cone of chocolate ice cream. He said next time we met we would get ice cream.

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