1.25.14 Saturday

* Woke up to text from kristen at 8:00 about how she had lay down to feel things but then fell asleep for 12 hours.

* I replied that that was great and that there were some horses chilling by a pool.

* Got up, made tea and tacos, and drove to the funeral home. Traffic made many of us 20 minutes late.

* It was sad, hundreds of people crying, Vince’s speech was great, ended on a funny note about how David would have loved how cyber and weird and dark it all had been. My favorite part of a cousin’s speech was “David loved olives.” When they played a heavily-produced country-Jesus song to a slide show of photos and K.A. had to leave because she knew David would have hated it.

* Anaïs was wearing a fantastic dress. After leaving in a single-file line everyone hugged everyone they knew. Cole and I hugged and cried for for hours.

* Benji and I were our irreverent selves.


* Drove to SITE for portrait with Will Wilson. We talked about Claude Cahun and David.

* Got gas, went home, had a snack, worked on music.

* Made a salad.

* Went to Matt and Caity’s, no one there yet. Kristen called.

* Went to Alex’s for dinner.

* Went to Matt/Caity’s for smoky scotch and coloring. Kristen and I wrote a secret note in K.A.’s book.

* Cole and I talked and hugged and talked some more. He told me I’m his biggest role model. He told me about having predator dreams whenever someone is about to die.

* Kristen and I read Caity a bedtime story (70’s interior design book).

* I was heading home listening to the radio when I had an urge to go to Molly’s. I figured I’d stop by and say hi, then go to bed, but I stopped by, had a convo with Margeux about sadness and our time in the forest together, bounced around with Benji, and saw Angelo when the lights turned on.

* I asked him for his phone number and we admired one-another’s minimalist phone arrangements.

* Went to Amelia’s birthday party, figuring I’d just stop in, but ended up ramping up the HPH (hops per hour) with Benji, miming olympic winter sports with Mike Ray, and chatting with party-strangers who wanted in on the vibes.

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