Hot Water

The day my sibling was born my dad went to Video Library and was so overwhelmed he sat on the floor in one of the isles. A woman came up to him and said that seeing a child born releases a chemical with similar effects to peyote in the father’s brain. They became friends, and I became friends with the woman’s daughter, Jazmyn. I have a strong recollection of the first time I played with Jazmyn near a cave where little white flowers bloomed.

Jazmyn and I were in a creative writing mentorship in high school and conceived of a tandem multi-media performance we dubbed “The Bridge.” 5 years after fizzling we decided to finish our project, keeping only the title. The night we decided this we went to a dance party that featured some kind of boring techno and then snuck into the hot tub at the Hotel Santa Fe, something most people who went to high school in Santa Fe are familiar with. Jazmyn jumped over the pointy-iron gate before her boyfriend and I realized it was unlocked and simply walked through.

After a pleasant hour we were kicked out by an angry security guard. I apologized for inconveniencing him as we used the hotel’s towels and put on clothes. We ended our night by driving to the top of the Dog Park and looking over the city, like the romantic post-teenagers we are.

Some weeks later I found out high school friends Miles and Marshal were in town and had plans to soak at 10K Waves. They closed on Santa Fe time however (9:30 PM) so we snuck into the Hotel Santa Fe hot tub. This time I had a swimsuit, and a white fluffy robe like the guests wear with a beer in each pocket. We caught up on our menial jobs and lack thereof, social life and lack thereof, and how Miles had just bought a one way ticket to India. Then we got kicked out by the same grumpy security guard, who was liberal in his curse-words toward me, having recognized me from the time before. I complimented his memory and told him he was an excellent security guard, saying that next time I would wear a wig. He made threats about if there was a next time as my friends and I shivered and said goodbye in the parking lot. “See you next week!” I yelled to the security guard as I drove away with my music at a respectable volume.

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