One night Emily and Benji came over with an eye-balloon and a bottle of wine shaped like a cat, and we wrote this Craigslist ad:


I am a passionate vessel conveying harmonic atonement to ALL BEINGS of Gaia and Elsewhere.

Taking this journey with me are my four babies who unfortunately are unable to manifest optimum self-care (at this time) ~ therefore I am requiring assistance ~ as we all do from TIME to time.

Now we have to get down to the nitty-gritty (kitty)($). It’s beyond my control that I must ravel at this time. I must travel…

I have 3 “cats” and one furry apprentice (Chloe ;)

This is where you come in ~ I know you for I have already met you ~ ANd I’m glad that we could meet at this time, Naturally, the little ones need some guidance. (Except for Chloe – ha ha ;)


I: Feeding the little ones thrice (thrive) daily – 12:00 & 6:30 (when the sun has lunch – when the sun has dinner). All little ones prefer the ancestral diet ~ BUT if Shadow may refuse he is to be supplemented with ‘Fancy Feast’ ~ which is available at Albertson’s (in the De-Vargas Center) ~ ask for Reina (NOT Evan).
II: Let them onto the Meditation Deck – if they feel like it. It’s all about the little ones ~
III: Administering supplements ~ B12, Essential minerals, Visuvyenite, etc. (These can be located in the second cabinet next to the sink).
IV: The little ones have trouble sleeping at times (awakened states are hard to get to sleep :) There is a tape-player (in the goddess shrine, to the left of beloved Shakti ♥) ~ I will leave the Whale Song to your discretion (NO seagul sounds PLEASE!!!)
V: Morning time we must let ourselves come to us :) I would appreciate you limiting your “red-arrow” thoughts to a level IV.

If you wish to caretake my (as we have already met ;) ~ *little ones ~ PLEASE “message ” ;)

* Except for Chloe ~ she requires far less guidance ~ SHe may rebuke the ordinary routine as she has already ~ ascended ~
** No toys designed to purrrrpetuate the cycle of violence ;)

Be present ALWAYS in ☯ all ways ☯

  • Location: Santa Fe
  • Compensation: As I’m sure you too have realized ~ the devaluation of curren$y is all too transient.
  • This is an internship job



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