Tickle the Blacklight

After going to bed at 4 am I got up at 8 to bring the golden retriever to “Doggie Day Care,” where he was scheduled to have a bath. I told the people at the desk I had to pick it up at 3:30 instead of 4:00 because I had been called in to work at 4:00.

When I got back to my house-sit I cleaned the dog diarrhea off the floor, did the dishes, swept and mopped.


Lots of bright ice bridges

Groups of friends on scattered around mesas.

Benji and Emily were standing at an expansive peak. I went up to them and was talking about how we were dreaming.


It was a wonderful nap. I scrambled some tofu with vegetables and chile then went to pick up the dog.

At the daycare a woman told me: “We’re sorry you were hired, Chester usually likes to stay here another 1/2 hour.” But then they were fifteen minutes late getting him out, and he seemed more happy to see me and stink up my car with wet-dog than anything. Then I was $5 late for work.



On XMAS eve my mom made this bomb-ass-dank-ass hot chocolate with adobo, which I enjoyed with Brandy, and it temporarily cured the cold I got after sleeping poorly in a bed with Jessie. Later Jessie got a cold 3X worse than mine. Merry XMAS Jessie!

Jazmyn, Jessie, my dad, Sheb, Mohit and I all linked arms and slid down the icy hill.

On XMAS my grandparents were in Oregon, visiting their new grandchild, so the kiddos took over their house. My uncle Ian made puff pastry and flying fire lanterns and everyone else brought beer.



Boxing day was good practice for NYE, in terms of getting the subwoofer to work, staying up late, and setting up lights. Nothing better demonstrates the tension between cultures at Molly’s Bar and Lounge than the mixture of neon Meow Wolf decorations and seventies-era beer-mirrors/wood panelling. That and the main bartender, with her blond bee-hive, 80’s patterned windbreaker, pink high heels and Lana del Rey-long nails, who’s main point of contact with dance-party-goers is to scowl at them. Apparently she is down on the raver crowd who come to Molly’s and do ecstasy instead of buying drinks.

On solstice Dirt Girl was thanking this woman for letting us throw events. The woman scowled in reply.

Meow Wolf has one great friend at Molly’s who graciously IDs at the door and is friends with everyone. On NYE we’ll have around 700 people in the venue, with barely enough room to walk, and I’m pretty sure he’s the main reason we can get away with it.

I hired my sibling friends to be dance Catalysts for my set on Boxing Day and it worked, so next time I’ll have to up the beer-payment. Everyones hands were up and I became drunk on power (and giant $6 margaritas) yelling dance-commands. “Alright ladies, are you ready for a workout?” – “lift those knees!” “Tickle the backlight!”


The next DJ also yelled at the crowd, but he used a microphone that was turned up too high and said “How are you feeling Santa Fe?” “Put your hands up!” At the end of the night I started a group chant to aid the tired-looking Molly’s-staff in herding people out: “Put your hands in your pockets and go home!” “Seriously, call that girl later, it’s time to go to sleep!”


Of course most of us just went to an after party where Benji and I continued to chant our revelations: “Summer sooner sacrifice!” High-tek-low-life, everything’s real in the low light!” “I’m no rookie raver! Not in my dolphin towel!”


Interview Therapy

I apply to every legitimate job/gig-posting that I’m remotely qualified for. An application every other day, and an interview a week. Job interviews have now become therapy sessions.

I tell my potential employer about my hopes and dreams, applicable experience and education. In an interview at a yoga studio the other day, the last question I was asked was what animal I would be (my response: a big white dog with a crown). I always feel listened to and reaffirmed in my creative projects after a job interview, and never get the job.

Sometimes its obvious that other people are more qualified than I, other times it’s not, but either way it’s becoming more clear to me that I don’t want a menial job in a dirt-bag factory (production sewing for “Awesome Harvest”) or as a Barista in a cafe I don’t frequent. I just want to be able to pay bills and buy groceries occasionally, save up for a camera, and buy art supplies.

On the way to a meeting for a gig involving a book and a photographer from New York, Googs told me to drive up the mountain and turn onto a narrow service road (which was closed and had about 3 feet of snow). I parked and went sledding on a piece of cardboard I found.

Retrogade by James Blake was playing when I arrived at the correct location. The photographer was on the phone and offered me a glass of wine. It was smooth and red and had a minimal gray label that said “2011.” Later I found out the photographer had been a sommelier, he said some things about the origins of the grapes and what kind of weather had affected them.

Jet Blue had lost the photographer’s expensive equipment and he was left with one lens, an SLR, and a point and shoot. He took some photos for reference as the sun went down and we talked about art. He had just shot a video for James Blake and mentioned this friend of his he thought I should meet, who did transcendental meditation and made weird movies. I did a David Lynch impression and he said “Yeah, that’s the guy.”

We talked about everything from what makes a good DJ to experiences losing loved ones and our evolving perceptions on death. It was my best therapy-interview yet, only this time I got the gig. We ended up talking until late, opening a second bottle of  wine, and calling James Blake up so I could ask him out (he didn’t pick up).

Hot Water

The day my sibling was born my dad went to Video Library and was so overwhelmed he sat on the floor in one of the isles. A woman came up to him and said that seeing a child born releases a chemical with similar effects to peyote in the father’s brain. They became friends, and I became friends with the woman’s daughter, Jazmyn. I have a strong recollection of the first time I played with Jazmyn near a cave where little white flowers bloomed.

Jazmyn and I were in a creative writing mentorship in high school and conceived of a tandem multi-media performance we dubbed “The Bridge.” 5 years after fizzling we decided to finish our project, keeping only the title. The night we decided this we went to a dance party that featured some kind of boring techno and then snuck into the hot tub at the Hotel Santa Fe, something most people who went to high school in Santa Fe are familiar with. Jazmyn jumped over the pointy-iron gate before her boyfriend and I realized it was unlocked and simply walked through.

After a pleasant hour we were kicked out by an angry security guard. I apologized for inconveniencing him as we used the hotel’s towels and put on clothes. We ended our night by driving to the top of the Dog Park and looking over the city, like the romantic post-teenagers we are.

Some weeks later I found out high school friends Miles and Marshal were in town and had plans to soak at 10K Waves. They closed on Santa Fe time however (9:30 PM) so we snuck into the Hotel Santa Fe hot tub. This time I had a swimsuit, and a white fluffy robe like the guests wear with a beer in each pocket. We caught up on our menial jobs and lack thereof, social life and lack thereof, and how Miles had just bought a one way ticket to India. Then we got kicked out by the same grumpy security guard, who was liberal in his curse-words toward me, having recognized me from the time before. I complimented his memory and told him he was an excellent security guard, saying that next time I would wear a wig. He made threats about if there was a next time as my friends and I shivered and said goodbye in the parking lot. “See you next week!” I yelled to the security guard as I drove away with my music at a respectable volume.



One night Emily and Benji came over with an eye-balloon and a bottle of wine shaped like a cat, and we wrote this Craigslist ad:


I am a passionate vessel conveying harmonic atonement to ALL BEINGS of Gaia and Elsewhere.

Taking this journey with me are my four babies who unfortunately are unable to manifest optimum self-care (at this time) ~ therefore I am requiring assistance ~ as we all do from TIME to time.

Now we have to get down to the nitty-gritty (kitty)($). It’s beyond my control that I must ravel at this time. I must travel…

I have 3 “cats” and one furry apprentice (Chloe ;)

This is where you come in ~ I know you for I have already met you ~ ANd I’m glad that we could meet at this time, Naturally, the little ones need some guidance. (Except for Chloe – ha ha ;)


I: Feeding the little ones thrice (thrive) daily – 12:00 & 6:30 (when the sun has lunch – when the sun has dinner). All little ones prefer the ancestral diet ~ BUT if Shadow may refuse he is to be supplemented with ‘Fancy Feast’ ~ which is available at Albertson’s (in the De-Vargas Center) ~ ask for Reina (NOT Evan).
II: Let them onto the Meditation Deck – if they feel like it. It’s all about the little ones ~
III: Administering supplements ~ B12, Essential minerals, Visuvyenite, etc. (These can be located in the second cabinet next to the sink).
IV: The little ones have trouble sleeping at times (awakened states are hard to get to sleep :) There is a tape-player (in the goddess shrine, to the left of beloved Shakti ♥) ~ I will leave the Whale Song to your discretion (NO seagul sounds PLEASE!!!)
V: Morning time we must let ourselves come to us :) I would appreciate you limiting your “red-arrow” thoughts to a level IV.

If you wish to caretake my (as we have already met ;) ~ *little ones ~ PLEASE “message ” ;)

* Except for Chloe ~ she requires far less guidance ~ SHe may rebuke the ordinary routine as she has already ~ ascended ~
** No toys designed to purrrrpetuate the cycle of violence ;)

Be present ALWAYS in ☯ all ways ☯

  • Location: Santa Fe
  • Compensation: As I’m sure you too have realized ~ the devaluation of curren$y is all too transient.
  • This is an internship job