While I was housesitting for my dad the property manager’s ex-husband (our friend Sheb) called me up with an extra ticket to Metropolis at the Lensic.

The property manager is our friend too. I modeled for her and when my dad was looking at houses he saw a picture of me on her wall.

I was meeting Sheb before seeing Metropolis and a guy asked if I had some change or a cigarette. I didn’t so he told me his name was “Bobby Chupo” and that he is “an artist for real,” then took me to see his art in the Santa Fe Arcade. A man sitting in a rocking chair, who was seemingly the assistant for the closed gallery, asked Chupo about his black eye. Chupo told me to “go eat pizza.”

I ran into Chupo again later and he pointed out all the other galleries he’s represented at before starting to cry and saying he didn’t want to be an artist anymore.

Metropolis was as good as I remembered. It was the day before halloween and I wished I had time to make an art-deco robot costume. I said that Metropolis was one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best roles and Sheb said: “Come on, it’s definitely his best role.”

 John invited me to see electronic music at Red Cell’s “3 Times a Lady” with Lady Uranium, Lady Gloves, and Lady something else.

It was refreshing to see band-generated, dynamic electronic music in Santa Fe. The first two bands were good and the last one had basic lyrics that we made fun of in John’s rust Tercel on the way to see our pals in “Alamo Sun” in one of the historical asbestos-baracks at SFUAD called “The Squish.”

Every time I see Alamo Sun it is their best show. They put intense fun. Each song is the hit and is only played once. The last band was named after one dude but it had like 15 people. They were full of joy and friendship, dancing around while playing their African drums/tambourines, fringe pants and cargo shorts shaking. We had to leave. We spent the rest of the evening sitting on chairs and talking sleepily. “Maybe taking these plastic eggs full of prescription drugs followed by weed are the source of my ennui.” “I know I am bored when I am just staring at my books.”

I met Laura while I was DJing “Mix” and she gave me a blank business card. I was impressed. She retracted it to print her information with a rubber stamp. I was impressed. We met for beer and subsequently invited one another to parties that neither of us showed up to.

Before I met Laura I talked to the owner of the gallery that represents Bobby Vigil (FKA Bobby Chupo). He asked if I was the person who was walking with Bobby the previous night. He pointed out the use of motion in Bobby’s art and we discussed experimental music. He gave me some names to check out and told me to come back and show him my work.

I sold out (paused my vegan-separatism) and applied to Geronimo. I found out my competition was volunteering for the Santa Fe Film Festival so I asked him about the contest they’re hosting that I haven’t been able to find information on.

I got the job over him (barista experience) and he emailed me the information I requested. Then he asked me out.  I replied with friendly feedback that him believing men should be the heads of their households and  that women are obligated to shave their legs, among other things, may be perceived as sexist. Haven’t heard back. Heartbreaker.

Geronimo wanted me to start the next week, and I called them every other day when no one contacted me. After 2 weeks of this I stopped by to ask what was going on and the manager told me the dude responsible of scheduling told her he had called me and I didn’t get back to him. If he did call he got the wrong number.

* Update, heard back from Geronimo-competition dude, he says he’s a feminist and name-dropped “The Second Sex.” If he’s not reading that for historical value he must be a first wave feminist. He said “I know it’s really girls running the place, it’s nice of them to pretend men are the ones in charge.” I replied “It’s nice of you to pretend we don’t live in a patriarchy where only you are not marginalized.” Neither of us can find a job.

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