Will went to his friend’s wedding and told us about his time as he, Hirshey, and I drank tequila on the recently dampened mountain.

I have been dreaming about pools as much as normal.

Will and I were lying on in the yard during a storm. I thought about being made of the same atoms as everything, feeling like I was the trees, wind, and lightning.

Will told me he had had a fun year hanging out with me and was sorry for the loss I had gone through. He told me he intended to mourn my death and not the other way around. How sweet. I don’t want to die. I looked at the grass, thinking that this moment in my life is precious, and that it will eventually be completely forgotten.

After it started pouring rain we had overly-sweet “Soy Creamy” with some awful sour red wine poured on top, and bitter cocoa powder. It was a perfect flavor combination.

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