Big sculpture of Freud’s head that you could climb on, but it would spin you down. Freudian slip? That’s dumb.

At Grandpa Obie/Eileen/Ian’s, Milli was in Peru. It was pouring rain so I went outside and started flying, I thought it was just like a dream but knew it wasn’t because the sensations were so clear. I went back inside to share, wanting to fly again, but everyone was tense. They said we had to leave. I went to feed the cat but realized we should take her with us.
The glass jars I was putting leftovers into had multi-colored strings attached to them. Fruit was carved into the chairs in the kitchen and the walls were green. My grandparents asked me if I knew whether or not satan was coming, I said I knew the answer was in my wallet but as I pulled it out I was distracted by a parade of old men who said if I gave them my wallet I could be in their band. Also I was Harry Potter.
* Woke up at 11something
* Noah read Das-Racist interviews out loud while I drew.
* Suddenly it was 5.
* Went to dad’s.
* Had beer, and “Jameson” that he made with cheap scotch and molasses.
* Played horseshoes.
* Went to Meow Wolf meeting. Trampoline and Jubes. Brandon had earrings that were THAT. Markus had given them to him.
* Good fundraising opportunities with Skatepark and gallery openings. Skateboards with shag carpet instead of grip-tape. Custom board painting. Light show at night. Depth-sensor-driven-bottle-rocket-launch. Etc.
* Grocery shopping. Blew my paycheck on avocados.

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