4/3/13 Better Days

* Cole was stoked that Apple Miner Colony had just been written about in the Guardian.
Of my trumpet solo they said: “the mourning Last Postish trumpet solo on Cerrilos, an album highlight, has more than a shade of Neutral Milk Hotel about it. “
* Ran into everyone, namely Chris, and he bought coffee for us when I discovered I had left my wallet in my jacket.
* Cole and I wrote him a poem and made him some minimalist art.
* Took Cole back to Corvas’ they were going to the mountains to do mushrooms, and giggle for days about how Skippio (sic) had beaten Hannibal and then been told he was the world 2nd greatest general. (You can write sic in your own diary if you don’t know the  spelling of some antiquated Roman name).
* Teresa came over and we
went to the 70’s time-capsule house.
* We got caught and left. Later I got a voicemail that she had gone to Gerald’s house (the guy that caught us) to apologize and ended up watching American Idol with him and his son.

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