4/20/13 D20

* Music was drawing lines in space and I was changing an oscillator pitch with my brainwaves.

* Walked to work with mom and got lattes.

* Gave a tour to the person who had curated The Dissolve.

* Dad played the accordion doors and sang.

* Noah’s art show was expertly flippant.

* Walked to Moon Rabbit, taking the long route to check if the 100% perfect person was walking as they sometimes do on Thursdays.

* Stopped in TA Lin for a treat, they didn’t have those deep-fried Mochi balls.

* Will and I got groceries, went to his house, made stir-fry, drank beer, and played Legos with The Genny.

* My spaceship had all kinds of hinges and a dragon that lit a pot-leaf made of Lego palm-fronds in honor of 4/20.





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