4/19/13 Deer Parade

* Walked to work.

* Gave Mungo Thompson’s parents a tour. Glad I got to do that because I’m a Mungo fan and have thought deeply about puns to make when discussing his work.

* Picked Will up. His dad had gone to California in a private jet flown in by Apple. He had specified it wasn’t an emergency and not to have anyone over except Hirshey and the general (in other words not me).

* Will and I went to Tune up. At the end of our meal his dad called and he ignored, thinking it was probably to announce that his brother was dead.

* As we left he started crying. I held him. I asked if he wanted to go back to his house or go for a walk, he said he wanted to go to the show.

* The show was good. Nice to see old friends doing stuff and playing their instruments well.

* Will and I sat in his driveway blasting Rancheras. A procession of deer walked around us.

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