4/12/13 Teen Bear

 * After leaving the parking lot (similar to where Mike shot me in the throat), we went to buy supplies for our camping trip. I sat in a red canvas-chair and looked for a miniature soccer ball. The smallest one I found was $80. When I went back, walking through the dry wilderness to find the sparse and disorganized shelf with the soccer balls, I felt threatened, my senses heightened. A light brown bear came at me from the left, eyes huge, and began clawing and biting me. Aware of it as if from above I tried to use my energy to calm it down, but I was startled and it would not let up. I could tell it was a juvenile bear and wondered if its mother would come to defend it. I ran away.
* At work I told Breanne about the dream, and she said animals usually have important messages for us. My first instinct is to think it has to do with romance. Weird that it would show up in this way though, romance has not been part of my conscious life for like a year. But then again maybe it’s because of this numbness that a teen-bear would bite me, wide eyed.
* We had one guest and Debra, Breanne and I talked about our various animal dreams. I described the one about the white/bright pink owl at Mills, and one about the big white dog with the crown in Australia. In both of those dreams I realized the animal was me.
* When work was out I probably hung out with Will and drank. Was this the night we had pesto? Maybe it was the night we hung out with Hirshey and I taught them how to make enchiladas with “vacho” (a vegan-sauce I invented that happens to taste like nacho cheeze). At Hirshey’s I danced, realized it may disturb the neighbors and said: “I’m gonna send the bounce down to the neighbors.” We also sang a lot. That “Damn damn damn” meme has got to be alluded to for my vegan cooking show.

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