4/2/13 Thunderous Sparks

* Woke up hungover.
* Made a salad + coffee and went to meet Feather.
* Feather had just been sexually harassed so that was our main topic of conversation, other than that her life sucks, and she wants to curate a house show with me.
* Cole called so I went and swept him off his feet.
* Made salads all around and more coffee. As we ate outside and I became sunburnt Cole went on about what a bomb-ass-dank-ass salad it was.
* Stormy sky, Jeff Mangum nigh, (Jefferson Nigh Mangum) – thunderous sparks from the dark of the stadium.
* Cleaned the house.
* Worked on music for a hot minute.
* Will came over as I was making cilantro-potato soup with mushrooms.
* Took a nap.
* Golden hour with dark clouds and soup.
* Gin in a flask, jazz in the car, running into Bond and Tere. I was thrilled to see Bond.
* Jessie wasn’t. She said: “Kristen and I both just saw our ex-boyfriends.” Chris Johnson was working merch. Kristen was wearing a cream colored shirt that looked good on her and was drinking a cocktail.
* The opening band was awful. I left to pee and Lauren asked how they were. I said: “really good.”
* As Jeff Mangum opened with ‘Oh Comely’ Cole and I squeezed hands.
* People came to claim their seats and I went back to mine, in the third row on the left. A teen girl sang and we left for empty seats in the first row.
* By the end of the show we all crowded by the stage. Mangum played Aeroplane for his encore and the audience moved as one.

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