3/31/13 Grandma Cake, Easter, Fertility, Vietnam

* Mom got Noah and I Kakawa chocolate. Dark cherry-chile. She also made potatoes with green AND red chile.
* Walked to work after mom went to Keiko’s for Lia’s baby-shower.
* Grandma Cake + Frank came in and I gave them a tour for 2 hours. Much of the time grandma was giving me information, rather than the reverse. G-Ma had a lot to say about the Vietnam-pieces and I asked her if she had ever protested Vietnam. She said she was pregnant with my mom at the time and that ended up being the reason my grandpa was able to dodge the draft. They had known each other for 4 months. She said she was afraid the world was going to end, afraid to be having a kid, and  afraid of bringing a child into a world that might end. Abortion wasn’t legal at the time, but grandma mentioned that she wouldn’t have gotten one if it was. I wondered if a right I believe in had been legal if I wouldn’t exist. But of course I wouldn’t have to worry about it if I didn’t exist.

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