3/16/13 Happy Beerday


* Dreamed I was watching a supernova in blues and reds over the mountains from dad’s backyard. Spy intrigue around some characters – a blond woman walking – don’t really remember.
* Woke up late and made coffee/spaghetti on toast. Teresa came over to borrow eye-drops.
* Made caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted zucchini, and fried eggplant to go on sandwiches with basil cashew creme and bell pepper sauce with a BADA salad.
* Heather and the skittels (small cousins) came over, Ella made me a cute card. Alex brought a twelve pack of beer in a backpack on a bike and Deyla brought a bottle of gin. I made martinis and Yuè came through the backdoor with a 7-Up cake that said: “Bday Emil.” My family came, followed by Ryan, Winter, and Hoku, all of whom brought beer. Winter also gave me a picture of her aunt and a condom.
Camera was drunk
* We listened to jazz, feasted, chatted, and drank. Sophisticated. Ryan made me one of his cool Jacob’s ladder wallets which I showed off the rest of the night. I drank the big bottle of Ryan’s favorite beer which monks had brewed for me.
* Some neighbors came in with beer and joined us for cake. When Crocket and Sandra arrived I showed off my mural. The last to come were The General, Kirstiann and Brittain. We had a mini-dance party, drank some of the beer they had brought, and finally retired. It was the first time in known history a whole facebook RSVP list has shown up.

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