Putt Put + Fryday

I like to spend most of my time right now hermiting winter-style – working on music all day and sleeping all night.

Sometimes my friends call me though. About every 2 weeks Will, Hirshey, The General, and I have “Fryday” where we deep fry green chile, mushrooms, and onions in a beer-batter I re-invent each time.


It is also tradition to drink scotch and wear sweater vests while playing the gentleman’s game: “Putt Put.” This is done on Hirshey’s regulation rug, with the regulation “Putt Puck” (a jar lid), a golf-club, and rules all about ending your turn in either honor or dishonor. The main rule of the game is that we listen to a “Madagascar Music” playlist on Youtube.

Hirshey has a neighbor, Consuelo, who cleans out the regulation ashtray whenever she walks by. Last Fryday she invited us over for some gin+tonics. I gladly accepted while Will insisted on sticking to whiskey, and The General said: “I don’t do vodka or gin.” Consuelo retorted: “Oh, I don’t do white girls, I don’t do Chicanas – just drink some gin!”

She invited me inside, refilled my drink, and offered me a joint. I respectfully declined and she peer-pressured me until I lit it for her. Then she did an impression of me lighting her joint, saying I was all white, and acted like Bill Clinton at a party all: “I didn’t inhale.”

Consuelo’s best friend Dorothy was also at our impromptu get-together. She makes glass art and knew a lot of the same people from Rio Rancho as The General, so they made fun their mutual acquaintances. Consuelo joined in to talk about a biker they knew: “All bikers have a little one.”


Dorothy talked about giving up Catholicism because some of the dogma didn’t sit right with her, while Consuelo mentioned that she goes to mass/confession every Sunday saying: “Then I’m free to party for another week!” Consuelo’s grandson was blasting some music from his car when he came to visit her and she started to sing along. He was surprised she knew the club-oriented music and she said: “You think I don’t party – the kids are out of the house!”
Consuelo invited us to have some of her enchiladas, but we already had Fryday plans – plus I had noticed an open tub of SnowCap Lard on the counter. Dorothy mentioned that her niece up in Oregon was also vegan, I asked her to give me her niece’s number in case I need a best friend in Portland.
As for best friends in Santa Fe, well, that’s covered *freeze frame of all of us jumping into the air*

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