Bus Thesis

As my blog has slipped into low-tide like so many others, I’ve been waking up at 5 or 6 and working till midnight, obsessively dissolving into a reality of my own creation.

I was on the phone with my dad as I rode the bus, telling him about how I am most efficiently productive when I’m on the bus. I’ve read my entire Music Cognition textbook, and most of my the journals for my psychology thesis on the bus. The other day, as my little body shook loosely within this big singing machine, I got more done on the obese beats I’m making in an hour than I do in about 5 in a quiet room with an almond milk latte. I came up with a music video idea for my Video II group project entirely on the 40-minute ride to school (forgot to do so before then). My enthusiasm leaked to the rest of the class and I was selected to be the director of our project.

When you have to intentionally block out a jangling discord it’s easier to focus. When you have a silent workspace it can be painful to get into, and remain on one task. I’ve always found it easier to sleep if there is a party raging in the background and when I was a baby my mom couldn’t get me to sleep without shaking me around to Tom Waits.

My office is the dance-floor, I can’t without overpowering beats and strobe lights.

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