Indie Movie of the Evening

When I first got home I went to a house show with one of my BFF’s, Will, it was the debut of the music video he had been the director of photography on/edited. I was greeted by a huddle of hipsters holding Budweisers. One of them “C” had my haircut of the future.

The set-list was being held down by a jelly-bean, and the band Treemotel was comprised of some old college buddies. Greg, the fiddle-player now also plays musical saw, which combined well with the slide guitar. David (on slide) created hockiting rhythms against the glockenspiel-pattern. Here’s the video:
I’m better at precision-standing-around and mingling now that it’s legal for me to drink.  I was a protagonist in the indie movie of the evening. In the end C and I tore sections from the graphic design publication Kindling that sat in the hearth and exchanged full-names. Although I’ll probably not see C  now that our internet-lives are connected, I was able to view C’s art and subsequently put that great photo⥣ on my blog!  At first I thought it was some sort of sound stage with fog effects in the background, but then I realized it was a vertical shot of an adobe house with the sky above. 

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