Catching Sweet Tangents

I contacted Orion with a few sentences about minimalism and menswear.

It was sunny and hot outside, Orion was wearing blue and had an open face. We waved at each other, then shared two bottles of chardonnay in Hyde Park. Orion selects wine by the label art. On one bottle was a bird and one the other a “dignified but corruptible” young woman. We sat in an ideal patch of gradience between sunlight and shade.
We rode tangents until they delivered us at a café where we shared a meal complete with crembrule. We had iconic cocktails at ”Tonic” and slid into each other’s arms on a couch upstairs. We kissed gently and a group of people started to make bets on “which was the boy, and which was the girl” How heteronormative!  I would have gotten into a dialogue but preferred to continue kissing.
By the end of the night the night felt young, but I had to get a good night’s sleep before realizing the Australian dream of catching a sweet wave on the beach the next morning.

Orion and I had one perfect, minimal date and never saw each other again.

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