Afternoon Bedtime Chat

When it’s afternoon in Australia it’s bedtime back home. Sometimes I get to have bedtime chats with my mom via facebook:

M:James Koskinas is a good artist
G: Shit fire! He’s all over the world, and is going into a museum, but he’s outside repairing stucco in the wind. He liked my paintings, too. I’ll send you the photos.
M: Of him liking your paintings?
G: Yeah! He was all bent over in the wind, liking my paintings, and I got a snap shot with the camera I don’t have. I’m laughing at my own self now.
M: lulz
G: wha? You kids need to use your words.
M: Have you been painting any more paintings? Painting paintings lately?.
G: I’ve started another big one, but I’ve been too busy to work on it much lately.
M: Cool, what’s it of?
G: It’s a big silver one, and I’m doing a graphite wash over it. It’s a side view of Heather’s rusty cake pan. Also, Weird James told me how to make my own rust: Dissolve steel wool in vinegar. Hee-Haw! He paints with it, and I aim to do the same.
G: I’m going to send you the photos of all my paintings. The gingerbread pan is on it’s side, and Heather’s cake pan is upside down. I haven’t managed to manipulate those accordingly yet, but whatever. I’ll send it to you right now. I love you, and I’m glad we get to talk online. Take care of your teeth, and I’ll see you in the morning. Say, that reminds me: Did I tell you about the dream I had the other night where I gave birth to twins, one girl and one boy, and I was trying to figure out how to nurse both of them at the same time so neither of them would ever want for anything, and they were both bathed in blue light, and as I was holding them to my chest, they were speaking French to each other, which I couldn’t understand?
M: Whoa, that’s crazy. You’ll definitely be a famous artist in that case.
G: I think so. Nodia says the dream is about giving birth to my new life, and not understanding the language quite yet.
M: Also, since it’s French that’s bonus points in style.
G: I’m going to the gym in the morning, and I need a good nights sleep. Take good care, I love you sooooo much.
M: I love you too! Have sweet dreams, good luck learning French!
(The Paintings are all from my mom’s “Rusty Pan” collection)

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