Live-In DJ

Some of the novelty surrounding the plentiful young-dumb-partying has evaporated and I am in pursuit of a wider scene, more in-line with my aesthetics. However, on Friday, whatever novelty had dissapated was pumped back out by a fog machine onto a tiny village-dance-floor. I had followed the people that were in my house to this party, or so I thought. Once I noticed the literal resident-DJ I started dancing, and after about an hour noticed that I knew no one at the place. This changed when I made friends with  “Les is more,” a finance student from China who’s flailing dance-moves came close to matching my own.

The preloaded tiger picture on my little Nokia always brings me joy, and seeing it on my phone on Friday brought no exception, nor did seeing a response to my text message from Adhit (aforementioned Laser-eyed stranger).

Trying to find my posse, I landed up at a stranger’s birthday party. After more dancing, a piece of cake, and a proposed library date with Les, I was ready to go to walk the three feet home.

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