Crunchy Stairs

For a long time our stairs were made out of corn-chips. I figured this was my fault because I’m New Mexican, even when all evidence points to the fact that someone else has been eating my chips. When my flatmates are all out I take the opportunity to vacuum, and so it happened today that one can walk barefoot through 1/4 of our apartment.

I woke up at 6:30 and thought about how one more hour of sleep wouldn’t complete a REM cycle, so I should either get up or rely on the Real-Bad-Brand (trademark) instant coffee awaiting in the cold dirty downstairs. I opted for the latter. I did some real mean interning, and rocked up to campus after X hours of that. I worked in the music lab until it closed, accomplishing not-that-much and ventured into a vacant part of the building to load an episode of Breaking Bad on complimentary-campus-internet. When a group of students came in and started singing six-part harmonies I left.

I went to Woolie’s to buy pepper and corn-chips. I also picked up a container of yogurt with passion fruit built right in, which I have been eying since I arrived in Australia. Turns out it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. When I got home I saw my flatmates were headed out. Sandra was outside with them. I had not seen her for a while, but last night Candice had struck up a conversation with her via my Facebook profile, as we waited for our turn on Wii sports.

Sandra knows that I cannot resist a half a bottle of wine and a spoonful of Nutella, and so it was that we spent the evening browsing her Facebook nostalgia. After my fidgeting had dismantled a piece of plastic stemware, and her computer’s bat was near-dead, I took a shower with my pants on to wash the wine out of them. I had just done laundry, and I own 2 pairs of pants, so I’m not gonna wait a month or so to wear them again – they’re my internship pants! I’ll just have to wait a week for them to dry. I am a genius and I know everything.

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