Discipline’s Disciple

It looks like the barista job fell through, hopefully my gigs as Australia’s Next Top Guinea Pig will pay for groceries, goon, and transport. Now that I’m deep into my school-schedule I realize the time required for a job would be too much though. This way I can have education, sleep, and a social life!

This week I’ve been discipline’s disciple, waking up at 7:00 to begin studying, and only stopping studying directly before falling asleep. I study on the train, in waiting rooms, and while water boils. This was my plan for Wednesday evening as well, in spite of the singing issuing from a neighboring fun-party but when Candice and friends broke into my house and handed me a can of vodka I could not refuse.

As I did some bureaucracy the following morning, Chris, my academic adviser, asked if I had had a fun time at The Ranch. Naturally he was there. One of the main differences between here and the States is that social activities and academics are not inherently separate. Here RAs scour the village for parties to join, and at orientations academic advisers brag: “How drunk did I get last night?” and everyone replies: “SO DRUNK!”

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