New Kind of Sauce


I vacuumed my room in the morning. When I returned the machine my flatmate asked if I was going to the brunch at 45, and I came along. Brunch turned out to be upwards of 20 people, each with a bottle of champagne in hand. I was invited to play “Flip Cup,” which is closer to a drinking game than a sport.

Flip Cup at 45

When the party got boring I walked the three steps home and cooked up an $9 bag of mushrooms that I got on sale for $4, making a heap of filling for barbecue mushroom sandwiches. For the sauce I used everything in the flat, and it turned out well balanced. I spent the rest of the day making neurophysiology flashcards.

In the evening I rode to the city. Adhit is also a vegetarian, and makes lovely food. He introduced me to a good new kind of sauce which I have forgotten the name of, and we had that on flatbread with spinach, olives, sundered tomatoes, and marinated eggplant on the side. We split three beers and went bike riding around the city – he happened to have an extra bike and an extra helmet. New South Whales has a lot of cash, so they made an adult-sized park full of fun things like a zip-line, swing-sets, and a big blue spinning disk for us to enjoy. The city also made the splendid exploring-grounds of well-lit modern architecture, juxtaposed with the literal old-school cathedral-like architecture at the University of Sydney. Thanks Australia!

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