Picking the press photo for Petrichor. I think Matteo is a genius, I had a fun time jumping up and down the stairs with him, moving black cloth, photographing my project. There was some concern that the results weren’t literal enough.

Bea there then gone. In the evening a party. On the balcony with Matteo. He said I was his favorite Fabricanti.




Upstairs with Maurizio, tetrising Petrichor into boxes. 

In the evening, workshop with Bebe Vio in getting “smashed” and smashing glasses. I left quickly to greet Bea at the train station. The two of us talked conceptual art and caught up, walking around night-Treviso and getting a spritz. I made late night pasta then we chatted in my bed till 4am, full on sleepover style.

Weekend in May

On Friday a group of us biked to a street festival where I guess they were celebrating long drink-lines, meat sandwiches, and outdated American pop music. Lorena, Kenzi, Quentin and I walked a few blocks to an uncrowded bar.

I ran into Lorenzo, the cute stranger who I had met after my set at Django. He’s from Treviso but did all his education in London (something about being a sommelier), the resulting accent is very smooth. Along with his radio-voice he has piercing green eyes.

Not my type at all (too fancy = not critical enough). But he is sharp, gets my jokes and whenever we were near one another we performed a mix of rapid-fire banter and enduring eye-contact. After thousands of kisses on the cheeks I left with an “I owe you a gin and tonic.”

Saturday brunch at Jenny/Bianca’s. Alexis and I brought the prosecco and tofu-scramble. It was about to rain and we were all about to bike to Fabrica. Product design team for an approaching deadline and me for a durational test of my vapor screen. Jenny with vegan pancakes in her backpack. 


Lukas joined interaction design and he’s enlivening the team with his enthusiasm. We walked to mensa, talking about a brief that’s been floating around the studio. Part of this relates to designing high end tourist products in the context of Venice.

An essential part of Venice for me is the sky-scape of flying/light up toys at Piazza San Marco. I suggested collaborating with local artisans to make these from “noble materials.” Impossible objects of marble and gold, too heavy to fly, or made from Murano glass so that if you used the object it would break.

In Italian night/American afternoon Xtian and I chatted about being stressed over our respective futures. I said: “You are right by my mom’s house you should stop by for lunch and then watch Gumby.” and “Cast a spell for success… as my dad always says you can’t spell success without sucks!” I complimented his recent work and he said he’d take a photo of me one day… “with my sword on the beach!”



Xtian: I followed your crush on gram so i can keep tracks on the whereabouts of the crush
M: Ha ha ha! Where is my crush? 
This weekend I applied for a 10k grant (a low brow one) for which I had to make a video. I am one dorky looking dweeb. Good thing I’m adorable or I’d get nowhere.
I also deep cleaned the house
And got pizza/fries/gelato with Nicolas.
What’d you get up to?
Xtian: Dense and sick! Sounds like some shredder vibes mixed with some daydreamer vibes
What kind of pizza?
I stayed up until 4 Friday and Saturday 
It snowed in April as you know is a thing
Lots of walking this weekend too
M: Walking like the hometown hero who’s still there. White snow in April up the nose. But what party? And to answer your question, Marinara con verdure miste – melanzane, pomodoro, pepperoni, zucchini, olio picante – they should call it the “M.” Pistachio gelato senza latte! That’s my favorite, AND ciocolatto senza latte. Two scoops as a prize for 2+ decades on planet earth.
Xtian: WOW!
you don’t eat pepperonis em
M: It means bell pepper in this crazy backwards Italy!
And LET ME TELL YOU, I had never tried bell pepper before now they are the best thing that there is in Italy. SO FLAVORFUL.
Whenever there is pepperoni at mensa I say “it’s a mensa miracle!” And faint.


Angelo and I worked on my project, wiring fans and a pump/sensor system, cutting wire mesh in a perfect line with a chisel and a hammer, making a metal bending brake with a piece of wood, a ruler, and some clamps. The flow of work, communicating simply by handing each other tools, reminded me of doing projects with my dad.

It had been raining in the morning and Nicolas called me an idiot when I picked up my sunglasses, then I left them on the table. The sun came out and the clouds were big and tumbling. I walked to mensa with Ali. Everyone in Editorial thinks he’s an asshole at the moment (they’re all working on his project). On the walk back he told me his side of the story and jokingly cried on my shoulder.

Stood in the agora with the film guys, the new music guy, Alberto, and Matteo, all native Italian speakers. They were making fun of Ricky for his E-cigarette I said “No e-cigs are actually really cool” and everyone laughed. Then they taught me how to pronounce “colgione” like an Italian (with my hands).

It was Lorena’s last day, I found out, I signed her poster.

Angelo and I tested the pump/sensor system, it worked. He fetched the last 12L of water, learning of the meditative process of hauling a bucket up 3 flights of stairs. He had people to chase and meetings to accomplish. He was looking stressed and rolling a cigarette, I told him I figured out the problem. We high fived and talked about next steps.


Fabrica emails: fields of gems.

Dear all,

I wish you all a very nice and long blossomed weekend and with this message I also take advantage to remind you the coming up lecture by former Fabricante and Spanish film maker Carlos Casas.

There was also the time the district manager in Ireland accidentally emailed everyone in the company with financial details we weren’t supposed to see. They emailed again that it was a mistake and people from all over the world responded with friendly greetings.

Hello together,
Yes, the wrong address. I am Donato Bortolotto.
Bye Bye
Freundliche Grüße / Kind Regards / Cordiali saluti

Hello everyone!!

Greetings from Paris.

Hi all!!

Ok no problem

Regards from spain

Have a nice day

Hi everybody,

I think that you did’t  wont to write to me.

No problem have a nice day all.

Big hug

Kalimera from Athens Greece!

Moien from Luxembourg

Privet from Moscow!

Ciao from Italy! No worries + have a nice day :)

No problem :)

Greetings from Fabrica.

Buona Giornatta a tutti!

Kind Regards​
The unexpected happy
from china


Went to the hardware store with Angelo, then we shared an umbrella on the way to the bus. It’s pouring rain!

Kamille just went to a meeting about legally changing her name/gender and I told her she was strong and she said she felt weak and I told her to get an ice cream and now I’m like “dang, I want an ice cream.”